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All the paper we shred is brought back to our facility where it is baled and stacked. The baled paper is then shipped to pulp mills where it becomes toilet paper or printer paper! One ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees!
Paper, rubber bands, paper clips, staples, & folder clips are all ok.
Corrugated material, plastic, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, microfilm, 3 ring binders, & hanging file folders with the metal bar in them. If you have a large volume of CD type media, it should be packaged separately. We can destroy this media, but it is done so separate from paper shred.
Yes! Our mobile truck comes directly to you to shred. You can even watch it on an LCD screen on the control panel if you like! Some extremely rural locations we may only be able to offer off-site destruction. This is an industry-standard, and you will have the same protections as the on-site truck offers.
NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) is the only organization that offers accreditation for shred companies. They have extensive annual auditing processes that verify background checks, drug testing, and information protection. AAA certification is the highest level a company can achieve. Other companies may say they are HIPPA certified, or Government certified, these are not real things and should not be trusted. To verify our certification, Click the AAA badge at the bottom of the page for real-time certification status.
Yes! We serve all customers. Often residential customers will have boxes of paper to shred. We can set up a time for our mobile trucks to come to your home and shred! Most often we are there for less than 10 minutes. Call or chat in today for details.
We provide red bag and sharps disposal to any clinic, Dr Office, or lab. We also offer sharps disposal to these facilities as well. We specialize in large facility programs as well. Unfortunately, we do not offer disposal services to the public.
Our Hard Drive Destruction is the only guaranteed way to destroy the HD. Some places may offer cleaning or degaussing services, these are just not as secure as 100% physical destruction.

Accu-Shred: Secure Shredding Experts

With a diverse range of service offerings, Accu-Shred can expertly accommodate your secure shredding needs, too.