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About Us

Thousands of customers trust Accu-Shred to manage their hard drive disposal.

Accu-Shred specializes in proper pickup, treatment, and disposal of all kinds of documents. As a top-tier provider of disposal services, protecting people and the environment from the risks of documents getting into the wrong hands.

Accu Shred is the premier secure information disposal company in Eastern Oregon, Walla Walla, Wa, & Boise, ID. For 20+ years many businesses, health care institutions, financial institutions, & and many others have relied upon Accu-Shred for their document, med waste, and electronic waste needs. We use the leading industry standard of shred technology. With our NAID AAA Certification, you can be sure that our entire operation is independently audited each year to provide the maximum security possible. We also specialize in custom disposal jobs. Anything from bank ATMs to thousands of hard drives, we can do it. We are a family-owned and operated company. Our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Accu-Shred: Hard Drive Destruction Experts

With a diverse range of service offerings, Accu-Shred can expertly accommodate your hard drive destruction needs, too.