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Secure Shredding Containers

Accu-Shred is trusted by thousands of customers to manage their document destruction plans.

At Accu-Shred, we offer high-quality containers for use in your facility while continuing service with us. Our containers are designed to be secure and functional, providing you with peace of mind as you store your confidential documents. In addition to our regular containers, we also have record storage boxes available for purchase. These boxes are a great solution for storing documents that you need to keep on file but don’t need to access regularly. 

Accu-Shred provides high-quality, secure containers for our customers to use. All of our containers are locked, and we supply a key for your easy access. Our containers are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, and they fit well in any setting. The 32-gallon console is a popular choice for professional settings, while the 64-gallon container is favored in industrial and warehouse environments.

We also offer Under Desk Containers and Personal Desk Containers for purchase. These containers are designed to be serviced by the customer alongside a 64-gallon roll cart. This setup is especially helpful in large facilities with extensive layouts.

*For a limited time, we are offering 32-gallon and 64-gallon roll carts on a will-call basis, giving our customers complete control over how much shredding they need. Once the containers dedicated to will-call are gone, they are gone. Contact us today for more information!

Accu-Shred: Secure Shredding Experts

With a diverse range of service offerings, Accu-Shred can expertly accommodate your secure shredding needs, too.